Hunter poses in front of an airboat with his Florida alligator after a night hunt using a bangstick.

Nighttime Alligator Hunt

Encounter a gator during its prime feeding time, with only its beady little eyes peering out from the water, and a symphony of bugs chirping as the soundtrack to this evening adventure.

  • Year-round
  • 7 PM
  • 2-4 hours

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In for a Scare

Immerse your senses and explore the sights and sounds—and scares—of the backwoods of Venus, Florida. Listen for the cold slither of a ruthless alligator cutting through the water and use a spotlight to look for the evil glow of its eyes.

A Challenging Trail

Step up your game! Our nighttime alligator hunt is best for intermediate hunters looking to test their hunting skills. Alligators are especially vivacious at night—if you can’t measure up, you’ll be saying “later gator.”

Close Encounter

Come face to scales as you use a bangstick to annihilate a dinosaur. A bangstick is your only weapon option on our nighttime alligator hunt—so be prepared for an explosive evening!

Bangsticks Only
Bangsticks are the only weapons permitted on our nighttime alligator hunt. A bangstick is a long pole with a pin that activates a bullet on one end. To use a bangstick, grip the 6-foot aluminum pole nice and tight, then load the bangstick with ammo. Once the gator is close enough, with its head at least 8 inches underwater, press the end of the bangstick directly on the small area known as the “quarter-sized kill spot” on the back of the alligator’s head. Once pressed, it will activate the bullet and kill the alligator.

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