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Please call us if you have any questions or wish to make your reservation over the phone. You can also contact us by email. In addition, you might find that we’ve already answered your question on our frequently asked questions page.

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Monday through Sunday, 8 AM-10 PM
 863-866-RONS (7667)


Ron’s Guide Service experiences are conducted in Okeechobee Florida and the surrounding areas. We wild boar and alligator hunt on multiple private properties ranging from 500 acres to 1100. The terrain you will hunt on varies from sugar cane fields and palmetto thickets, to woodlands with ponds and marsh. We offer freshwater fishing and duck hunting on actual Lake Okeechobee itself. Areas are carefully chosen by our guides prior to your arrival. The property that best indicates a good concentration of the desired species is selected for your experience which is why we typically assign your meeting location a week out before your trip to give you the best advantage.

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Duck Hunting Location

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We Are Family, I got all my sisters with me!

The RGS Client Relations Department

We are family here at Ron’s Guide Service and we want you to be part of it! We have no grouchy know-it-all huntsman and we are definitely not a call center! When you call or email us you are chatting with a RGS family member happy to answer your questions and help you plan the perfect adventure. We all fish, hunt, and love the outdoors. We pride ourselves in quality control. If at any point during your experience you run into a snag (pun intended) we’ve got your back!

Cousin Lisa
Ron’s favorite cousin – sorry Marie! Cousin Lisa is a Florida native with a background in hospitality. She is a skilled huntress, especially when it comes to hunting wild boar with a knife. Cousin Lisa enjoys hunting and fishing with her daughter, Kennedy. As a teen, Cousin Lisa managed a small Lakeport Florida restaurant, “The Hide-Away,” and worked at Captain Ron’s Bait Shop, “The Little Big Man.” Cousin Lisa would go on to assist Captain Ron with wild boar hunting and special events which led her to become a certified event planner. Cousin Lisa can help you plan the perfect bachelor party, corporate event, or family vacation!

Cousin Marie

Lisa’s sister and Kennedy’s favorite aunt, Cousin Marie is loved by many RGS clients.
Before her weight gain, Cousin Marie loved bass fishing. An avid huntress her most memorable experience was hunting a 13 foot alligator that had been devouring the neighborhood dogs. Patient, kind, and knowledgable, Cousin Marie can handle the toughest of questions with a cheery disposition. On a serious note, Cousin Marie would like to thank all of the folks that call Ron’s Guide Service. Confined to her bed for the past two years due to her debilitating weight, Cousin Marie truly enjoys chatting on the phone with potential clients about hunting and fishing which has motivated her to start losing weight so she can go on her own expedition some day!

Grandma Dean

Captain Ron learned a lot from his Aunt Diana. A stern huntress with a warm heart, Grandma Dean has over fifty years of hunting experience. Noted expeditions include Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Namibia. While her safari days are past her, Grandma Dean still enjoys her time walking in the glades with Grandpa Dean, sleeping in the woods, and assisting RGS clients with their own exciting adventure. Grandma Dean’s exploits will be the topic of conversation around campfires as long as big game still roam the plains and bush of the mystifying continent.

Mama Beck  (Big Mama)

You can usually catch Mama Beck or as she likes to be called “Big Mama” early in the morning, giving driving directions to lost clients. A New York transplant, Mama Beck is a favorite among RGS clients and has been featured in hunting shows on the Discovery Science television network.

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