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What is a high fence hunt?

Not all high fenced properties are created equal.

For one, not all high fence situations are commercial operations.

Many are private hunting properties.

Some are small acreages.

Some have adequate cover. 

Others are more open with less cover for game to elude the hunter. 

Some have purposely concentrated a high number of animals within a given space to ensure game will be seen.

Some let the available habitat dictate population density.

Some artificially manipulate the quality of game for maximum trophy potential.

Others rely on natural breeding and available food. 

In short, this is not a one-size-fits-all issue.

How and where we hunt is a choice each of us makes as an individual hunter.

It is also a matter of personal choice whether you believe hunting within a game-proof fence (where legal) is an acceptable practice, acceptable under certain conditions, unacceptable, fair chase, or should not be considered hunting at all.