Wild Hog Hunting with a Bow

Use a powerful crossbow or compound bow, or test your traditional archery skills with a longbow.

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No Retrieval Fees

Your wild hog archery hunt includes free arrow retrieval. We recommend chisel point broadhead tips on archery hunts, the heavier, the better. Bow hunting requires a minimum draw weight of 40 lbs.


Whether you’re using a family heirloom passed down for generations, or hunting with a medieval reenactment group, lots of practice, and deadly accurate aim are necessary on longbow wild hog hunts.

Average Shot Distance
25-35 yards

Compound Bow

A shorter bow means less strength required to hold before dispatching the arrow. Hog hunting with a compound bow is one of the safest methods and can be easier than using a longbow, but requires excellent aim and a steady shot.

Average Shot Distance
25-35 yards


Steady your hands and take careful aim as the hog and dogs battle during your crossbow wild hog hunt. Crossbow hunting for wild hogs is extremely safe and effective. There is no fatigue from trying to keep a 40+ lb. draw, and the meat stays completely preserved.

Average Shot Distance
25-35 yards

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