Nighttime Swamp Buggy with Dogs

Climb aboard our rugged swamp buggy, and feel your adrenaline rush as you rumble through lush scenery, scanning the darkness for wild hogs.

  • Year-round
  • 6 PM (Fall/Winter) 8 PM (Spring/Summer)
  • 4-6 hours

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You Must Be Experienced

Not for the beginner—our nighttime wild hog hunt requires patience and endurance. You must be in excellent physical shape and have no visual impairments.

Spear or Get Outta Here

The best way to take a hog at night is with a spear or knife. If the opportunity arises, we may use a firearm, but you must be capable of spearing or knifing a hog.

Night Owls Welcome

Sleep in! No need to wake up early for your wild hog hunt or let it consume your day. Great for an after dinner adventure or an exciting escape after the theme parks close.

Avoid the Florida Sun

Stay out of the daytime heat and keep cool on our nighttime wild hog swamp buggy hunt with dogs. Popular during summer months, you’ll appreciate the cooler night air—and so will our dogs!

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