Wild Hog Hunting with a Knife

Sharpen your reflexes as you come face to snout with a wicked wild hog on a daring knife hunt.

Not for Beginners

Experienced and fearless hunters with a strong understanding of how the hog behaves are welcome to hunt wild hogs with a knife. First time hunters are not allowed.

A couple with their wild hog trophy after a successful hunt.

Wild hog hunting with a knife requires an intense hunter that is willing to charge at a hog without hesitation. There is only one spot you can stick a hog to kill it instantly with a knife. Aim for the area just beneath the shoulder to either pierce both lungs or the heart. While the dogs keep the hog at bay, your private guide will advise you on when to go in for the kill. If you are in for the thrill of getting inches away from a hog, this is the right hunt for you.

Available On

Daytime Wild Hog Hunt with Swamp Buggy and Dogs

Average Distance

1 yard or less