Night Vision Florida Wild Hog Hunt

Trek through complete darkness using your intuition and hi-tech night vision equipment to stalk wild hogs.

A couple with their wild hog trophy after a successful hunt.


Ron’s Guide Service Lakeport

Ron’s Guide Service Lorida

Arrival Times

8 PM

Average Duration

6-8 Hours

Weapons Permitted

Rifles Only


Technology Meets Hunting

Turn night into day! Thermal and infrared technology was used exclusively for military and scientific equipment—now you can use it for wild hog hunting!

The Best Equipment

Gear up with top-of-the-line—and expensive—night vision equipment such as FLIR thermal scopes and Nite Site infrared binoculars, spotlights, and scopes.

A Shot in the Dark

Venture through towering trees while avoiding the hooved clutches of wild hogs. Our wild hog night vision hunt is best for experienced hunters with kills under their belt and a lust for a daring challenge.

Only a Rifle Will Do

Rifles are the only weapons allowed on our wild hog night vision hunt. Our loaner rifles are equipped with the latest night vision gear. We can even attach our night vision gear to your own rifle. Night vision equipment is included in your hunt.

Thermal Scopes

Thermal scopes sense heat from wild hogs and turn it into an image that looks like a colorful blob.

Infrared Scopes

Infrared scopes sense infrared waves that are closer to visible light. When you look through an infrared scope you see a clear image similar to what you would see during the day.