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Let’s have a party!

From bachelor parties to corporate events,

Ron’s Guide Service will help you get ready to celebrate!

Professional Party Planning

A Ron’s Guide Service adventure is a unique party experience but organizing it can be stressful, especially if you are from out of town. Ron’s Guide Service has a professional in-house event planner that can arrange lodging, meals, and other tasks, leaving you less time to worry and more time to party.


Event Planner
Cousin Lisa

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Not your ordinary  Adventure

We were so excited to have the youth mentoring program for Beau Turner, the son of Ted Turner come and see us for a fun filled day of alligator hunting that we surprised the kids with t-shirts! Organizations like The Beau Turner Youth Conservation Center choose Ron’s Guide Service because we combine professionalism with special touches making us the right choice for your next event.

Bachelorette and Bachelor Parties

Do we hear wedding bells? Grab your girls or guys and come hunting with us to celebrate your upcoming “big day!”


Anything goes at Ron’s Guide Service

We love to have fun at RGS and just like Cousin Lisa, we are always open to new experiences! The reenactment of the 1668 Florida raid of St. Augustine lead by Captain Robert Searle and his band of buccaneers was a blast, literally! The group came costumed and equipped with an English longbow, Korean horsebow, two replica 15th century boar spears, a modern “Cold Steel” boar spear, and a replica 15th century hunting sword. The group cooked a hindquarter of boar over the campfire the following day as Cousin Lisa danced while dressed as a gypsy. The meat was served with a boucanier sauce straight from the history books.


Why RGS?

Exclusive Savings

We have relationships with restaurants, lodging, and other local businesses that allow us to save you money when planning your event with us.

Large Groups Welcome

We have multiple vehicles and vessels which means nobody gets left behind at Ron’s Guide Service. There is no maximum when it comes to fun with us!

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