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boar-vanwigen girl

Wild Boar Hunt Report: January 17th, 2000

This sport of wild boar hunting is not just for men! This lady wild boar hog hunting huntress Mrs. Theresa put away this nice hog with a single shot through the shoulder. Her husband Jim and 2 other wild boar hunters  also bagged a good size hog each during their day of wild boar hunting.

boar-truck shot2

Wild Boar Hunt Report: January 20th, 2000

Wild hog dog hunting guide service January 20, 2000 hunting report. The below group of 4 wild hog hunters from the state of Wisconsin killed a truck full of Florida wild hogs during an action packed day of hog hunting with dogs in the sugar canes fields of Glades county.


Wild Boar Hunt Report: Jan. 20th, 2000.

Bow hunting for wild boar in the midst of a fierce dog and wild boar battle is as exciting as bow hunting will ever get. Andy and Paul  each made a kill with a bow while wild boar hunting with dogs on Jan. 20, 2000.             The below pictures shows the type of action a wild boar bow hunter will experience during the course of a hunt. These pictures are taken from a distance of only about 30 feet from the boar and dog battle zone. A clean shot with a bow (as the pictures show) is in fact a challenge to a bow hunter and something he will never forget making.  

boar-casson kill

Wild Boar Hunt Report: January 28th, 2000.

  Wild hog hunter (left) Casson  and Phillips  each killed a wild hog with a knife on January 28, 2000.Killing a wild hog with a knife is not an easy task. Careful footing, fast reflexes and the ability to hold the hog down are key elements for a successful kill with a knife. Wild boar hog knife hunters (from left to right) Phillips and Casson with a truck full of pork.  

boar-mackey jim

Wild Boar Hunt Report: February 11th, 2000

Jim killed 2 wild boars during an afternoon of wild boar hunting with our hog dogs. The first one Jim killed was a young boar that had a set of inch and the half tusks. His second kill was a trophy hog that sported 3 inch tusks.


Wild Boar Hunt Report: February 22nd, 2000

Trophy wild Boar hunter (front) Steve killed a huge trophy sized wild boar hog that had 4 inch tusks. This trophy wild boar put up a fierce battle and cut up the dogs before Steve had an opening for a clean shot. This trophy wild boar hunt took place on February 22, 2000 in the sugar cane fields of Glades county.

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