Embrace your primal roots on an intense wild hog hunt with a spear.

Balance, careful footing, fast reflexes, and the ability to forcibly plunge the spear into an attacking animal are the key elements needed for a successful wild hog hunt. Our highly trained catch dogs will keep the hog at bay as you charge in and stick the hog with the spear. Spear the hog in the heart or lungs through the shoulder in order to kill it cleanly and humanely.

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Daytime Wild Hog Hunt with Swamp Buggy and Dogs

Average Distance

5 yards or less

Mount Type4-6 Foot Alligator4-6 Foot Alligator6-9 Foot Alligator9-12 Foot Alligator
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First columnSecond columnThird columnFourth column

Not for Beginners

Experienced and fearless hunters with a strong understanding of how the hog behaves are welcome to hunt wild hogs with a spear. First time hunters are not allowed.
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