Our Story

Established in 1985—Ron’s Guide Service is a family owned Florida fishing, hunting, and tour guide service with over 30 years of experience.​
Captain Ron

One Man's Dream

Captain Ron is a native New Yorker who first discovered Lake Okeechobee in 1976. Mesmerized by the serene environment and the abundance of fish and wildlife, Captain Ron had a vision to share his love of the outdoors with people from around the world and make experiencing Lake Okeechobee an affordable dream.

In 1985 Ron’s Guide Service opened. Captain Ron’s first venture was bass fishing. He began with one boat and a few rods and reels. Okeechobee townsfolk were surprised at this “city slickers” fishing skills and Ron began receiving media attention from newspaper publications throughout the state. Once Ron proved himself to the locals he began advertising in magazines and sending out mailings. Business began growing and by 1990 Ron’s Guide Service dominated Lake Okeechobee.

Step Into the Web

Launched in 1996—ronsguideservice.com was the first guide service website on the internet. Our website is designed to be informative with clear upfront rates. No “call for prices” mambo-jumbo, we believe in easy to understand pricing as simple as sweet tea.

Family Owned & Operated

No grouchy know-it-all huntsman! No call centers! When you call or email us you’re chatting with a RGS family member happy to answer your questions. We all fish, hunt, and love the outdoors.

Our Promise

Being from New York—Ron approaches his business with a street smart and professional attitude. Okeechobee and the surrounding areas are very rural. Country folks are kind—but they can be slippery when it comes to doing business. Ron would hear countless stories about guides leaving folks stranded in the backwoods of Florida or taking advantage of them with surprise fees. Ron’s ultimate goal is quality assurance. If any problems arise during your experience, we promise to make things right.

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