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1. Definitions

In these terms and conditions:
“Booking” means any Experience in respect of which We issue a Confirmation Invoice;
“Booking Group” means all persons named on the Confirmation Invoice and includes any minor(s) and person(s) under any Disability, in respect of whom or on whose behalf a Booking is made;
“Client”, “Guest”, and “Customer” means any person who has a Booking with Ron’s Guide Service.
“Confirmation Invoice” means an email sent to the Lead Name setting out details of the Booking and payment details;
“Disability” means any person whose mobility when using transport is reduced as a result of any physical disability (sensory or locomotor, permanent or temporary) intellectual or psychosocial disability or impairment, or any other cause of disability, or as a result of age, and whose situation needs appropriate attention and the adaption to his particular needs of the services made available to all passengers;
“Game” refers to animal being hunted such as alligator, boar, duck;
“Hunter” means anyone hunting an animal in hopes of harvesting it;
“Lead Name” means the person who makes the Booking;
“Local Operator”, “Guide”, and “Captain” means the entity which undertakes the obligation to carry or to perform the Experience for each member of the Booking Group;
“Minor” means any person under 18 years of age;
“Non-hunter” means a Client who is not hunting but part of the Experience;
“Reservation Specialist” means any phone employee through whom Your Booking is made;
“Tour” means a Wildlife Tour involving walking or on board a Vessel or Vehicle as described on our website and in any other documentation from time to time published on behalf of Ron’s Guide Service. It is not a hunting tour or fishing tour;
“Vehicle” means a car, buggy, truck, ATV, or any other transportation device used on land operated, owned, chartered or provided by a Local Operator on which You or any member(s) of Your Booking Group is to travel, will be traveling on or, as the case may be, against which such person(s) may have a claim;
“Vessel” means a ship, airboat, boat, pontoon boat, or any other transportation device used on water operated, owned, chartered or provided by a Local Operator on which You or any member(s) of Your Booking Group is to travel, will be traveling on or, as the case may be, against which such person(s) may have a claim;
“We”, “Our” and “Us” means Ron’s Guide Service;
“You” and “Your” mean all persons named in the Booking (including anyone who is added or substituted at a later stage), or any of them;

2. Booking Your Experience

Whether You book alone or as part, or on behalf of a Booking Group, We will only deal with the Lead Name in all subsequent communications, including changes, amendments and cancelations unless there is verbal or written permission by the Lead Name to allow changes or additions from other persons including anyone who is added or substituted at a later stage.
The Lead Name must be 18 years old at the time of booking and possess the legal capacity and authority to book an Experience as the lead name and to accept, and does accept, on behalf of the Booking Group, the provisions of these terms and conditions.
It will be the Lead Name’s responsibility to make sure that We are provided with the correct information relating to the Lead Name and every person in Your Booking Group. It will also be the Lead Name’s responsibility to ensure that any information relating to the Booking (including any changes to it) is passed on promptly to all persons in Your Booking Group, including information relating to any schedule changes and the provision of booking confirmations.

All Experiences and any other services offered by Ron’s Guide Service are subject to availability at the time of booking. No contract shall be made until the deposit (or, where appropriate, the full price) has been paid, whether or not a Confirmation Invoice has been issued.
All money paid to a Reservation Specialist shall be treated as having been paid to Ron’s Guide Service. Failure to pay the balance of the price specified in Your Confirmation Invoice upon arrival of Your Experience shall entitle Us to cancel the Booking and retain the deposit.
Experiences booked will be supplied by Local Operators. Ron’s Guide Service will endeavor to appoint reputable and competent local operators who comply with our policies, service agreements, and the local laws and regulations of the relevant country.
Any person who is under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult on his or her Experience. There may be other restrictions and conditions on some Experiences, but these will be explained in the details of those Experiences. Once You or (if You are booking through a Reservation Specialist) Your Reservation Specialist confirm Your Booking, We will send You a Confirmation Invoice at which point a contract for the arrangements specified in that Confirmation Invoice will there upon come into existence between You and Us. If We are unable to confirm some of the arrangements comprised in Your Experience straight away, We may nonetheless issue a Confirmation Invoice. However, a contract for arrangements that have not been confirmed on that Confirmation Invoice will only be made when We have sent You written confirmation that those additional arrangements have been confirmed. If there is any change to any of the details discussed at the time of Booking before the Confirmation Invoice is issued, We will notify You promptly of any new or changed details, including a change to the total price (if any). If any detail on the Confirmation Invoice is not correct, please tell Us immediately. If there is an obvious error on the Confirmation Invoice We reserve the right to correct it as soon as We become aware of it, but We will aim to do this within 7 days of issuing the Confirmation Invoice or, if Your Experience is within 7 days, no later than 24 hours before You go.
New Bookings, changes to previous bookings, and cancelations can only be done through a Reservation Specialist. You cannot make changes with the Local Operator. Any agreements You make with the Local Operator that deviate from the Confirmation Invoice will release Ron’s Guide Service of any service agreements.

3. The Price You Pay

The prices We advertise are correct at the date of publication, but We reserve the right to change those prices at any time. We also reserve the right to correct errors in both advertised and confirmed prices (both before and after the Confirmation Invoice(s) has been issued). Please note, changes and errors sometimes occur. Before You make a Booking, We will give You the up to date price including the cost of Trip Add-ons which You have requested. We will never increase prices on already confirmed Bookings.
Once Your Booking is made and the correct deposit received, we will send the Lead Name a Confirmation Invoice detailing the total balance due and sums already paid.

4. If We Change Your Experience

We plan arrangements a long time in advance of Your Experience using independent suppliers such as farms, ranches, vessels and vehicles; over which We have no direct control. On occasions changes do have to be made to Your Experience, and We reserve the right to make these. Most of these changes are minor. However, occasionally, changes are significant.
A significant change includes a change of time, date, vessel type, location, or Experience. We do Our best to avoid cancelling Bookings but We must reserve the right to do so. If We have to make a significant change or cancel, We will tell You as soon as reasonably possible. If there is time to do so before departure, We will offer You the choice of the following options:

  1. (for significant changes) accepting the changed arrangements; or
  2. purchasing an alternative Experience from Us, of a similar standard to that originally booked, if available. We will offer You at least one alternative Experience of equivalent or higher standard for which You will not be asked to pay any more than the price of the original Experience. If this Experience is in fact cheaper than the original one, We will refund the price difference. If You do not wish to accept the Experience We specifically offer You, You may choose any of Our other than available Experiences. You must pay the applicable price of any such Experience. This will mean Your paying more if it is more expensive or receiving a refund if it is cheaper; or
  3. cancelling or accepting the cancelation in which case You will receive a full refund of all monies You have paid to Us.
  4. Except where otherwise expressly stated in these Booking Terms and Conditions, We cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of Our obligations under Our contract with You is prevented or affected by or You otherwise suffer any damage, loss or expense of any nature as a result of Force Majeure.  In these terms and conditions, “Force Majeure” means any event or circumstance(s) which We or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events may include, whether actual or threatened, war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, volcanic ash, epidemics, fire and other situations which are outside Our control.
  5. Very rarely, We may be forced by Force Majeure to change or terminate Your Experience after departure but before the scheduled end of Your time away. This is extremely unlikely but if this situation does occur, refunds will be handled on an individual basis. We cannot pay You any compensation or meet any costs or expenses You incur as a result.
  6. Changes due to weather are at the discretion of the Local Operator. In the event we need to change Your Booking due to weather, We will offer you alternative options or a refund.

5. Transfer of a Booking

A Booking made by or for any member of Your Booking Group may be transferred from that member to another person. The person to whom the Booking is transferred must comply with all the terms of the existing Booking. That person must also accept the transfer and the terms and conditions of Your Booking. They also will be responsible for the payment of any balance that may be or become due in respect of the original Booking by virtue of the transfer.
All other transfers will be treated as a new Booking. Any discount or promotion applicable to the original Booking may not apply to the new Booking, in which case any difference in price shall be added to the price payable for the Booking.

6. If You Change Your Booking

If, after We have issued Your Confirmation Notice, You wish to alter Your Booking in any way (other than a transfer to another person which is dealt with in Section 5 above), subject to the terms and exceptions set out below, We will do all We reasonably can to make the necessary amendment(s). To make changes to your booking you must speak with a reservation specialist by calling (863) 866-7667.
The following terms and exceptions will apply in relation to any requested alteration or amendment to Your Booking:

  1. No changes are allowed from a full price Booking to a special offer.
  2. If a Booking is changed, the price payable at time of original booking will be the price applicable at the time the change is made.
  3. Deposits are not refundable for changes made to the number of persons in Your Booking Group and are not applicable to the balance due.
  4. If We discover through a Local Operator that You made changes to Your booking without notifying Us, We reserve the right to charge Your credit or debit card the value for these changes without permission from You. For example bringing additional hunters or non-hunters than what was originally confirmed in Your Confirmation Invoice.

7. If You Are Late

Experiences are scheduled throughout the day at specific times so a late departure would have an effect on later times which can inconvenience other Clients. If you are running late, please let Us know. Depending on how late Your running it will be at the discretion of the Local Operator if their is enough time for Your Experience. You may have to wait and Your Experience may be shorter. We make every effort to provide You with detailed driving directions on how to get to Your Experience, however it is your responsibility to make sure You take the steps to make sure You know where Your going. Forgetting Your directions, not reading Your Confirmation Invoice and not knowing how to use a GPS, internet map service, or read a physical map is no excuse for being late. There are no refunds or credit given if You are late.

8. If You Cancel Your Booking

If You wish to cancel Your Booking, You must notify Us by calling (863) 866-7667 at least 24 hours prior to Your Experience. Your reservation deposit is not refundable and will be treated as a credit that expires one year from the date issued.
Credit can only be applied to reservation deposits and not a due balance.
If one or more, but not all, of the members of Your Booking Group cancel, no allowance or refund will be made for any part of Your Booking not used or taken. The reservation deposit from the canceled member of Your Booking Group cannot be used as credit towards the balance due. The spot can be filled by another member or remain as credit on the Lead Names account and expires one year from the date issued.
There is not a reservation deposit cancelation grace period in which a refund will be made.
If You cancel the same day of Your trip, You will forfeit Your reservation deposit and any credit. Depending on the Experience, You may be charged the balance due on the credit or debit card You provided when booking Your Experience. In the event you are required to pay the remaining balance, We reserve the right to charge Your credit or debit card without permission from You.

9. Our Liability to You

  1. Our obligations, and those of Our suppliers providing any service or facility involved in any part of Your Booking, are to take reasonable skill and care. Where We or Our supplier is actually providing the service or facility, Our obligation is to provide them or arrange for them to be provided with reasonable skill and care. Conversely, however, reasonable skill and care does not necessarily mean compliance with each and every local law and regulation, particularly where these impose absolute obligations. You must show that reasonable skill and care has not been used if You wish to make any claim.
  2. Your Reservation Specialist, Guide or Captain may make recommendations on what to do after your Experience regarding taxidermy, shipping, and butchering. We are not responsible for recommendations made or services offered or provided by independent service providers after Your Experience with Us. These providers may include taxidermists, butchers, hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, outdoor shops and shipping companies. These service providers work directly for You and/or members of Your Booking Group when performing their services. Ron’s Guide Service is not responsible for any such provider’s acts or omissions in providing goods or services to You or any member of Your Booking Group. We are only responsible for the Experiences confirmed in Your Confirmation Invoice.
  3. It is Your sole responsibility to notify Us If you choose to add other Experiences, make changes or deviate from the confirmed Experiences during your trip. If You make changes without notifying Us, You will be creating a new agreement with the Guide, Captain or Local Operator and void any service agreement with Ron’s Guide Service.
  4. Whilst every effort is made by Ron’s Guide Service and Local Operators to ensure Your safety, no responsibility can be accepted for any illness, accident, injury or loss whatsoever suffered by You or any persons in Your Booking Group whilst on Your Experience, or any expenses arising from such illness, accident, injury or loss.
  5. You are responsible for Your own individual health, travel, trip interruption and cancelation insurance’s and should contact Your insurance broker or travel agent for quotations on available packages. Furthermore, Ron’s Guide Service or the Local Operator will not accept any responsibility for game after its proper field preparation or personal goods left behind on farms, Vessels or Vehicles.
  6. You certify that You are in good health and that You have no physical limitations, which would preclude Your safe participation in the Experience or associated activities.
  7. You furthermore certify that You have full knowledge of the nature and extent and of the risk inherent in the participation in Experiences and the rugged and harsh areas in which such activities often take place and that You voluntarily assume such risks.
  8. From time to time Ron’s Guide Service or other authorized parties carry out photography and/or video recording during Your Experience which may feature You or Your Booking Group. By accepting these regulations, You agree that Ron’s Guide Service or any authorized party may use such images in perpetuity in any promotional, advertising or publicity material in any format whatsoever. You further agree that copyright in these materials rests with Ron’s Guide Service or such authorized party (as the case may be). By submitting Your photos to Us through email or social media You grant Us permission to use Your photo and video images taken during Your Experience to be used for advertising purposes without payment to You.

10. If You Have a Complaint

If You have a complaint about Your Experience, You must immediately call us at (863) 866-7667 during your Experience. We urge you to get in touch with us immediately and while on your Experience as the vast majority of problems can be resolved immediately and with very little fuss. If You are still not satisfied on Your return home, You must write to Us within 3 days of Your Experience, at [email protected] , quoting Your Booking Reference Number and providing all other relevant information to allow Us to investigate Your complaint properly. Please include Your daytime and evening telephone numbers. Unfortunately, if You do not give Us the opportunity to resolve any problem by calling and informing Us while on Your Experience, then We may not be able to deal positively with any complaint on Your return.

11. Your Behavior

When You book an Experience with Ron’s Guide Service You accept responsibility for Your proper conduct and that of Your Booking Group whilst on Your Experience. If We or any other person in authority is of the reasonable opinion that You or any member of Your party is behaving in such a way as to cause or be likely to cause danger or upset to any other person (including our staff or reservation specialists) or damage to property, or if the Captain, Guide, Local Operator or any of Our staff believes that You or any member of Your Booking Group could be disruptive or is/are suffering from a contagious disease, We will be entitled to terminate the Experience of the person(s) concerned. The person(s) concerned will not be allowed to proceed with his/her Experience. We will have no further responsibility to such person(s). No refunds will be made and We will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination.

12. Weapons, Valuables, and Other Possessions

You and each member of Your Booking Group must retain his/her valuables such as cash, weapons, hunting tools, negotiable securities or other financial instruments, gold, silverware, jewelry, ornaments, works of art, photographic/video/audio equipment or supplies, laptop computers, cellular phones or other valuables in their personal control at all times. Neither, Ron’s Guide Service, or any Local Operator will be responsible for any damage to or loss of any of these items.

13. Law and Jurisdiction

You waive Your credit card rights to dispute or cancel the credit card reservation deposit made. All questions of law in any action based upon any claim of breach of this agreement shall be determined in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida as existing at the time of such action. Any action brought by either party based on any claim arising under or as a result of this contract or based on the Experience of which it is a part, shall be brought in a court of competent jurisdiction in Glades County, Florida.

14. Data Protection Statement

Ron’s Guide Service collects personal information relating to You and Your Booking Group, including but without limit to name, address, gender, email, phone number which may disclose any health, medical, disability or any other special information required to process Your Booking effectively. If required to carry out any part of Your Booking correctly, We may pass this information to other relevant individuals such as Guides, Captains, Local Operators, service providers, security and/or credit and debit card companies or any governmental or public authorities. You and every member of Your Booking Group consent to our processing and transferring information in this way. Where You provide information about other members of Your Booking Group, it is Your responsibility to obtain their consent to Our use of their information.

15. Wounded Game

Wounded game (The hunting Guide may determine by sight of blood or bone that you have wounded an animal) which is not recovered is considered as hunted and is not subject to refund. The possibility to hunt another specimen is dependent upon approval by the Local Operator. If You wound or kill the incorrect game animal, one other than which was contracted in the original Confirmation Invoice, You are responsible for all applicable sums due to the Local Operator, before departing. Your Guide will do everything possible to instruct you on which animal, or size to target. If you are unsure of the size of an animal, You must get verbal confirmation from Your Guide on whether to target it. There are no refunds or credit owed if You disregard Your Guide’s instructions and wound or kill an animal smaller than contracted in Your Confirmation Invoice. If Your Guide instructs You to target an animal larger than confirmed and You wound or kill it, the Local Operator will be held responsible at no cost to you.

16. Money Back Guarantee Policy

In the event that You do not have an opportunity to harvest (a wounded animal is considered harvested) the Wild Game animal that You contracted for the Experience offered by Ron’s Guide Service, the Local Operator will refund the appropriate portion (typically the balance paid). The portions of the Experience which will not be refunded will include those applicable to Guide Fees, Land-Use Fees, and additional costs. Our Money Back Guarantee does not apply to tours, duck hunting, fishing, tree stand hunts or poor shots. Our Money Back Guarantee does not cover picky Hunters who continue to pass on animals they have an opportunity of harvesting. Your Guide will make an effort to find the specific variation of animal You desire but We make no guarantee in the color, sex, age, size or other attributes; except for alligator hunting. For alligator hunting We do guarantee You an alligator in the size range You reserved.

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