Fully Guided

Tusk & Tail Combo Hunt

7 Days a Week, Year-round

Choose From Three Different Size-ranges!​

4 to 6 Foot

Great for Leather!
$ 1,000 Per Hunter
Save $75

6 to 9 Foot

The Perfect Fit!
$ 1,650 Per Hunter
save $125

9 to 12 Foot

Trophy Worthy!
$ 2,650 Per Hunter
save $125

Instant Confirmation!

Private Guide

Get hands-on attention from your guide on your private wild hog and alligator hunt.  

Loaner Weapons

Loaner weapons are kept on-site. Choose when you arrive.

Vehicle or Vessel

Kick up mud in our swamp buggy and old pickup truck or glide along narrow canals on a boat.


We’ll skin and quarter your hog, and our friends at Florida Trophy Gators Inc. will skin your alligator.

Hog and Alligator

Our price includes the harvest of one wild hog and one alligator in the size-range you reserve.

Friends and family can watch for $30!

Bring your friends and family along to participate in the excitement of your wild hog and alligator hunt as “non-hunters” for only $30 per person. Non-hunters get to ride on the swamp buggy, take photos, and be part of your adventure—they just don’t hunt anything!


Make us part of your vacation! Our alligator hunting is only a short drive from popular Florida destinations such as Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa, and the Walt Disney World Resort.

Florida alligator hunting property with canal and sprawling wetlands.

Alligators from Venus

Our alligator hunts are conducted in Venus, Florida, on a 70-acre private reservoir consisting of wetlands, small lakes, ponds, canals, and marsh which are prime alligator habitat. The alligators you will hunt vary from native residents to derelict dog killers and baby eaters brought to us for being a nuisance. Our experienced guides pre-scout and monitor the property daily to stay knowledgeable on the best spots.

Grandma's Favorite Combo

Combine our exciting wild hog hunt with a thrilling alligator hunt for an action-packed day full of tusks, tails,—and adventure!

rifle ammunition
A monstrous 10 foot Florida alligator with a hunter and his whole family, posed in front of a canal.

Combine and Save

Hunt one hog and one alligator on the same day and save up to $125. Get all the benefits of these two thrilling experiences for one low price!

Man posing by the canal with his monstrous trophy 11 foot alligator after a hunt.

Two Hunts, One Fun Day

Make the most out of your time in Florida. Grandma Dean’s Tusk & Tail Combo Hunt gives you the opportunity to do two hunts in one action-packed day!

Large group of nine alligator hunters celebrating a bachelor party standing behind their nine gators.

One in a Lifetime Thrill

Cross two species off your dream list. Magnificent Florida alligators and vicious wild hogs are the most sought after game—and Grandma Dean has both for you at a discount!

Two Exciting Experiences

Grandma Dean’s Tusk & Tail Combo Hunt includes all the benefits of our daytime wild hog hunt with buggy and dogs and your choice of a daytime or nighttime alligator hunt.

rifle ammunition

Daytime Swamp Buggy Hog Hunt with Dogs

Climb aboard an open-air swamp vehicle and hang on tight as you take off on a fully guided hunt under the Florida sunshine. Listen for the excitement of your hunting dogs—yelping with delight—it means they found a hog!

Hunter poses in front of a huge 10 foot trophy Florida alligator after a shotgun hunt.

Daytime Alligator Hunt

Navigate sunny trails beneath a canopy of swaying trees and discover a mecca of alligators in various sizes on this popular daytime experience.

Hunter poses in front of an airboat with his Florida alligator after a night hunt using a bangstick.

Nighttime Alligator Hunt

Journey into the moonlit wilds of Central Florida, where alligators both big and small await your arrival amid the mystifying shadows of the dense brush.