Florida Wild Hog Hunt

Wild hog hunting with a handgun in Florida.

Includes Guide, Weapons, Skinning, and One Wild Hog—Guaranteed!

Our Florida wild hog hunting experience includes a personal guide, loaner weapons, skinning, and we guarantee you’ll get a hog. We hunt with a swamp buggy and dogs seven days a week, year-round, on private property in Central Florida. Our flat rate of $275 per hunter includes everything you need for a successful hunt!

Wild hogs are running rampant in Florida, destroying farms, killing livestock, and causing billions of dollars in property damage. They can grow to be massive monsters with incredibly strong jaws and six-inch razor-sharp tusks that can gore a human to death. These invasive species have no natural predators. Help fight against these beasts with our Florida wild hog hunt! Our goal is to make your wild boar hunting experience memorable and affordable. We offer one flat rate without any hidden fees—so you know exactly how much your hunt will cost. There is so much to learn about wild hog hunting, especially for first-time hunters! We recommend you read this entire page for the most detailed information on our wild boar hunt. You can also use the “page shortcuts” at the top of this page to find what you’re looking for quicker! If you need help or have questions don’t hesitate to contact us. See ya soon!

The Experience

What's Included?

Private Guide

Get hands-on attention from your personal guide on your private and fully guided hog hunt.

Q. Will there be anyone else on my hunt?

No! Your hunt is completely private. It will just be you, your guide, and anyone else you bring with you.

Q. I'm just one hunter, is that ok? Is it still a private experience?

Yes! Even if you are by yourself, it will still be a private hunt.

Q. Is there a limit on party size?

No! We specialize in large parties so bring your whole crew!

Q. Can I bring friends and family to watch?

Yes! Hog hunting is even better when friends and family participate in the excitement of your experience as “non-hunters.” for only $30 per person, non-hunters get to ride on the swamp buggy, take photos, and be part of your adventure—they just don’t kill anything!

Q. What kind of experience does my guide have?

Most of our guides are Florida natives. They’ve been hunting since they were babies and love the outdoors.

Q. Can my hunting guide take photos and videos of me?

Of course—just ask him! However, your guide’s primary responsibility is to keep you safe on your hog hunt. If you want pictures or videos of you in action, you might want to ask someone else in your party to capture those intense moments so your guide can focus on your safety.

Loaner Weapons

Choose from a variety of loaner weapons such as firearms, knives, and spears.

Q. Can I bring my weapon?

Yes! You’re welcome to bring your weapon. If it doesn’t work out, we have plenty of loaner weapons to use.

Q. What weapons do you have?

Check out our loaner weapons page.

Q. What weapon do you recommend for hog hunting?

Rifles are the most popular choice when it comes to wild boar hunting. Popular calibers include .243, .30-06, and .44 rifles.

Q. How much does it cost to borrow a weapon?

Loaner weapons are FREE to use. They are included with your hunt. Really!

Q. Is ammunition included?

No. You may purchase ammunition when you arrive.

Q. Do I need to reserve a weapon before I arrive?

No. Weapons are kept on-site. Choose when you arrive.

Q. Do you have enough weapons for everyone in my party?

For logical and safety reasons, not everyone will be shooting at the same time. You can share weapons with your party members.

Q. Can I sight in when I arrive?

Yes! You will be able to sight in weapons at the hunting grounds.

Q. What is the average shot distance?

If using a firearm, the average shot distance is typically 15 to 25 yards.

Q. Can I ship my weapon to you?

Yes. Visit out our transporting weapons page for details.

Swamp Buggy

Kick up mud in our swamp buggy—loved by kids and adults of all ages. Swamp buggies help us keep up with the dogs, hogs, and get around safely. We use swamp buggies on all of our hog hunts. Swamp buggies are especially helpful for guests with mobility disabilities.

Q. How many passengers can ride on the swamp buggy?

Swamp buggies typically have five seats, including one for the driver. They also have railings which allow guests to stand. Swamp buggies generally hold six to eight passengers depending on the size of the guests. We have many swamp buggies, and other vehicles for larger parties.

Q. Do I have to hunt from the swamp buggy?

No. Most hunters will get off the swamp buggy once the dogs have a hog at bay to get closer to the action. Some hunters shoot from the swamp buggy. It’s all situational—it comes down to getting the best shot!

Q. Can I hunt on foot?

Hunting hogs on foot is dangerous, as wild pigs like to charge and attack at random. For the sake of your knee caps, we use a swamp buggy to follow the dogs to the hogs. You can get off the swamp buggy to hunt once we spot the hog, but while we are tracking you should remain on the swamp buggy.