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Give us a ring at 863-866-RONS(7667) between 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM Eastern Time.

We gotta let y’all know, we record them calls.

And remember, if you’re under 18, you better have your folks’ or guardian’s say-so to give us a holler.

Be Polite

Here at Ron’s Guide Service, we’re a family-run operation, not some fancy call center.

When you pick up that phone and give us a shout, you’ll be chattin’ with one of our family members who knows their way ’round huntin’ and fishin’.

Now, we want good-hearted folks to come and visit us, so just keep in mind, how you act is gonna decide if we want you as a guest.

If you’re disrespectful, got no respect for folks of any color, gender, or who they love, or you’ve had a bit too much of the good stuff—just do us a favor and don’t bother callin’.


Send your questions to [email protected]—we’ll help get you an answer.


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Meet the Family

Captain Ron

“Cap’n Ron” is a native New Yorker who resides in Lakeport, Florida. 

Ron has been fishing on Lake Okeechobee since 1976. 

He’s polite, friendly, and outgoing. 

Ron is an avid fisherman who loves fishing and enjoys sharing it with his clients.

 Ron no longer personally guides, but enjoys watching his family from afar as they keep his dream going. 

Ron’s priorities are: 1) to accommodate all of his clients in any way so as to make their experience a really enjoyable lasting memory, and 2) to make hunting and fishing in Florida an affordable dream!

Grandma Dean

Captain Ron picked up a heap of wisdom from his Aunt Diana. She’s one tough huntress, but she’s got a heart as warm as a campfire.

Now, Grandma Dean, she’s got over fifty years of huntin’ under her belt. She’s been on some real memorable trips, like ones to Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Namibia.

Even though her safari days might be behind her, Grandma Dean still loves wanderin’ the glades with Grandpa Dean, snoozin’ under the stars, and helpin’ out them RGS folks with their thrillin’ escapades.

And you can bet your boots, folks will be chattin’ ’bout Grandma Dean’s wild tales ’round them campfires as long as them big critters roam the plains and bushes of that bewitchin’ African land.

Cousin Lisa

Ron’s favorite cousin!

Cousin Lisa’s a true Floridian through and through, and she knows a thing or two ’bout makin’ folks feel welcome.

Now, when it comes to huntin’, especially chasin’ them wild boars with nothin’ but a knife, she’s your gal!

Lisa’s all ’bout family, y’see. She loves takin’ her daughter, Kennedy, out for huntin’ and fishin’ adventures.

Back in her teenage years, she managed a little joint down in Lakeport, Florida, called “The Hide-Away.” And she even worked at Captain Ron’s Bait Shop, known as “The Little Big Man.”

Well, Lisa didn’t stop there. She started helpin’ out Captain Ron with them wild boar hunts and special doings, and that got her certified as an event planner.

So, if you’re lookin’ to throw the best bachelor shindig, corporate hoedown, or a good ol’ family vacation, Cousin Lisa’s the gal you wanna talk to!

Cousin Marie

Cousin Lisa’s sister and Kennedy’s favorite aunt—Cousin Marie is loved by many RGS clients.

 An avid huntress, her most memorable experience was hunting an alligator that was devouring neighborhood dogs. 

Patient, kind, and knowledgable, Cousin Marie can handle the toughest of questions with a cheery disposition. 

On a serious note—Cousin Marie would like to thank all of the folks that call Ron’s Guide Service. 

Confined to her bed for years due to her debilitating weight, Cousin Marie truly enjoys chatting with potential clients about hunting and fishing, which has motivated her to lose weight so she can go on her own expedition someday!


Meet Cousin Lisa’s stepson, Jason. He’s one sharp huntin’ guide and knows a heap ’bout the outdoors.

Jason, he’s a bit of a new arrival from Colorado, where he used to chase them elk and do some ice fishin’. He’s downright thrilled to have a good ol’ chat with ya, all day if need be, ’bout huntin’, fishin’, and the grand outdoors!


Keep an eye out for Kennedy, she’s Ron’s young gun-totin’ niece and the friendly face of Ron’s Guide Service. Kennedy’s got a real love for the great outdoors, just like her mama, Cousin Lisa. She’s got a heart full of respect for Mother Nature, and she’s a symbol of our hope for the young folks of today.

Marabel Johnston

Well now, let’s hope y’all won’t have to chat with Marabel Johnston ’cause she usually only shows up when things start goin’ sideways.

Marabelle, she’s got herself a fancy B.B.A. in Hospitality Administration from The Cecil B. Day School of Hospitality, which is one of them oldest hospitality schools you’ll find in Georgia.

She’s sharp as a tack and ain’t one for beatin’ ’round the bush. Marabelle’s the one steerin’ the ship when it comes to marketin’ and she sure does like her work behind the scenes at RGS.

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