Transporting Meat

Getting your meat home is easier than you think.

Air Travel

Air travel is a convenient and reasonably priced. USA Today has a great article on how to take your meat with you on the airplane.

By Car

Car is the most inexpensive, convenient way to get your meat back home. If you’re traveling long distance, buy the best cooler you can afford and map dry ice stops. Once frozen, you still have to get your hog from Florida to your destination. Dry ice should cost around $100 for a four day trip home in cheap coolers. Better coolers will save you money as you will only need to restock dry ice every 30 hours. Visit Dry Ice Ideas to map dry ice locations along your route.

By Mail

Many hunters choose UPS or FedEx to ship their game meat. Both services provide helpful articles on preparing meat for shipping.

Through Butcher

Some butchers offer shipping services. Check out our butchers page for contact information.