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Alligator Hunt


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Ease the burden of traveling with your firearm—use ours instead!

For only $40 per hunter, choose either a shotgun or a rifle—we’ll even include ammo!

Spears and knives are always free to use!


Bring friends and family to watch!

Friends and family who aren’t hunting can participate in the excitement of your experience as “non-hunters”—it’s a nicer name than chicken! 

For only $30 per person, non-hunters get to take photos, videos, and be part of your adventure—they just don’t kill anything!

Alligators from Venus.

Hunt on over 70-acres of private reservoir consisting of ponds, canals, and marsh.

Embark on a private and fully guided alligator hunt with an expert guide!

Can my guide take photos and videos of me?

Of course—just ask him! However, your guide’s primary responsibility is to keep you safe while you go in for the kill. If you want pictures or videos of you in action, you might want to ask someone else in your party to capture those intense moments so your guide can focus on your safety.

What kind of hunting experience does my guide have?

Most of our guides are Florida natives. They’ve been hunting since they were babies and love the outdoors.

Is there a limit on party size?

No! We specialize in large parties so bring your whole crew!

Is it still a private experience If I’m a solo hunter?

Yes! Even if you are a solo hunter, it will still be private experience.

Will I be paired or grouped with others on my experience?

No! Your hunt is completely private. It will just be you, your guide, and anyone else you bring with you.

Spot alligators of all shapes and sizes!

How much is your alligator hunt?

We have three different alligator size-ranges to choose from. Our 4 to 6 alligator hunt is $800. Our 6 to 9 foot alligator hunt is $1,500. Our 9 to 12 foot alligator hunt is $2,500.

When is the best time to hunt alligator?

All of our hunting times have been proven successful. Morning hunts are recommended in the summer as it tends to get warmer later in the day. Afternoon hunts are recommended during the winter months when it's colder in the morning.

Is alligator hunting better during the day or night?

Daytime alligator hunts are a lot more exciting! There is nothing like seeing a wild alligator thrashing in the Florida sun! Nighttime alligator hunting is for experienced hunters only. Hunting alligators at night can be fun, but you can't see much in the dark.

How long will my alligator hunt last?

You will have as many hours needed to complete your hunt. Your hunt is over once each hunter in your party has killed an alligator. How long your hunt will last depends on many different factors such as alligator size, weapons, hunting style, and how many hunters are in your party. On average, you can complete your hunt within two to four hours. Some hunters combine wild boar hunting, fishing, or another of our exciting experiences with their alligator hunt.

Do you offer public land alligator hunts?

No, not at this time. Public land hunts have a lot of restrictions when it comes to where and how you can hunt. Since the properties have not been pre-scouted there is no way for your guide to know where you'll have the best success—that's a lot of pressure on him!

Do I need an alligator tag?

Tags are only for public land hunts. If you participate in the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s lottery system for public land hunts, the cost of the tag with licenses can add up to over $1,000.00—not including boat rentals or guides!

Snag a wild alligator!

Can I bring my own hunting dogs or pets?

We do not allow you to bring your own hunting dogs on our wild hog or alligator hunts. Companion animals are welcome depending on experience. Please call us for details.

Can I hog hunt without dogs?

No. Hunting dogs help guarantee your success which is why we use them on all of our wild hog hunting experiences.

What if I shoot the dog?

Your guide will make sure you have a clear shot to avoid injuring the dogs.

What kind of dogs do you use for hog hunting?

Our hunting dogs are a mix of hound and bulldog. We also use pure redbones.

Why do you hunt wild hogs with dogs?

Well trained hunting dogs help ensure your success. Even though guides scout daily for hogs, we rely on our dogs’ incredible sense of smell to track them down quickly.

Use a variety of weapons!

Can I bring my weapon?

Yes! You’re welcome to bring your weapon. If it doesn’t work out, we have plenty of loaner weapons to use.

What weapons do you have?

Check out our loaner weapons page.

How much does it cost to borrow a weapon?

Loaner firearms are $40 per hunter. Choose either a shotgun or a rifle—we’ll even include ammo! Spears and knives are always free to use!

Is ammunition included on my hunt?

No. You may purchase ammunition when you arrive at the hunting ground.

Do I need to reserve a weapon before I arrive?

No. Weapons are kept on-site. Choose when you arrive.

Do you have enough weapons for everyone in my party?

For logical and safety reasons, not everyone will be shooting at the same time. You can share weapons with your party members.

Can I sight in before my experience?

Yes! You will be able to sight in weapons at the hunting grounds.

Can I ship my weapon to you?

Yes. Visit out our transporting weapons page for details.

Receive expert skinning from Florida Trophy Gators inc.

Do I need to transport my alligator to Florida Trophy Gators Inc.?

Your guide will transport your alligator to Florida Trophy Gators Inc. after your hunt.

When can I pick up my alligator from Florida Trophy Gators Inc.?

Your head, hide, and meat is typically ready for pick up the following day after your hunt.

How long does it take to skin my alligator?

Alligators are cold-blooded and require several hours of cooling time before skinning. Typically your alligator is ready for pick up from Trophy Gators Inc. the next day.

Enjoy delicious alligator meat!

Rifles and bows and spears, oh my!

Rifles are the most recommended firearm when it comes to hunting alligators. An alligator’s skin is like bullet-proof armor. A fatal bullet must enter behind the brain. You must roughly aim in the same direction that the gator’s nose is pointing and shoot at an angle from behind and above the alligator with a rifle.

A bangstick is a long pole with a pin that activates a bullet on one end. To use a bangstick, grip the aluminum pole nice and tight, then load the bangstick with ammo. Once the gator is close enough, with its head at least 8 inches underwater, press the end of the bangstick directly on the “quarter-sized kill spot” on the back of the alligator’s head. Once pressed, it will activate the bullet and kill the alligator. Hunting with a bangstick is the most humane and accurate way to kill an alligator.

Connect with your tribal roots on a fully guided spear hunt. Aim for the small area known as the “quarter-sized kill spot” on the back of the alligator’s head. You must drive the spear between the skull and backbone, severing the spinal cord.

Connect with your tribal roots on a fully guided spear hunt. Aim for the small area known as the “quarter-sized kill spot” on the back of the alligator’s head. You must drive the spear between the skull and backbone, severing the spinal cord.


Hunting alligator with a longbow is very effective. You only need enough penetration to get the point thru the alligator’s hide. We recommend bows with a 60 lb. draw weight.

Compound Bow

A “gator bow” only needs enough power to get the point under the hide of the animal, so most any compound bow in the 30 to 70-pound range can work great.


Using a crossbow is similar to most other bow hunting methods. Once the alligator is snared, you’ll shoot the alligator with a fishing arrow. Now the alligator is on both the rod and the float line from the crossbow. At this point, many hunters will use a bangstick or other weapon incase the arrow did not finish the alligator off.'s a size-range!

They all can’t be big ones…

Expect the smallest size alligator in your size-range, and you will not be disappointed if you get something bigger! For example, choose the 6 to 9 foot size range if you will be happy with a 6-foot alligator.

It’s hard to judge how big it is when you only see the head…

We can’t guarantee an exact size alligator as so little of the animal is showing above water. Your guide will look at the distance from the eyes to the tip of the snout to estimate length. Typically, the longer that distance is, the bigger the alligator will be.

Sorry size queens…

If you have your heart set on an exact size alligator, unfortunately, we are not the right guide service for you. Look for outfitters that price alligators by an exact size instead of a size-range.

Why book with Ron?

Real People

Get helpful tips, heartfelt advice, and unique insights from a real Ron’s Guide Service family member who is here to help you get the most out of your experience.

From planning your visit to the day of your adventure, we provide you with the resources needed for a successful experience!

Quality Assurance

Feel safe!

We only work with properties and guides that are friendly, reputable, and meet our quality standards.

We pre-vet them all to make sure you always have an exceptional experience.

No Hidden Fees

Our transparent pricing lets you know what’s included in your experience—and what isn’t.

When it comes to the outdoors, there are enough surprises creeping up on you—hidden fees shouldn’t be one of them!

Know before you go...

Booking Your Experience

  • Every guest must be reserved prior to arrival.
  • Use our easy online booking system or call us at 863-866-7667 to submit your reservation deposit.
  • We accept all major credit cards for reservation deposits.
  • Reservations are not confirmed until a reservation deposit has been paid.
  • If time allows, We are happy to accept last minute reservations. Please call us for reservations less than 24 hours in advance.
  • You will receive a booking confirmation email with important details about your experience once your reservation deposit is made.

Choosing a Date

  • We offer alligator hunting seven days a week, year-round.
  • View our real-time availability calendar for available dates and times.
  • Many of our experiences sell out during holidays and spring break.

Arrival Times

  • 9 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM


  • Hunters must be at least six years old.
  • Non-hunters must be at least three years old.
  • Guests under age 16 must be accompanied by a person age 18 years or older.
  • Helpful services and access options are available for guests with mobility disabilities.
  • Some experiences may not be appropriate for guests with health conditions.


  • Resident or non-resident alligator farming agent license: $51.50
  • Youth (ages 15 and younger) are exempt from having to have an alligator farming agent license.
  • Those possessing a Florida Resident Persons with Disabilities Hunting and Fishing License are exempt from the cost of an agent license but must still have one to assist in hunting alligators.
  • Licenses and permits are available:

Experience Length

  • Due to the nature of hunting, we can’t precisely know how long your experience will last.
  • Our alligator usually lasts 2 to 4 hours.
  • Your hunt is over once every hunter in your party has had the opportunity to hunt an alligator in the size-range they reserved.

What’s Included

  • Professional guide
  • Skinning
  • Vehicle or vessel

What’s NOT Included

  • Gratuities
  • Firearms and ammunition (you may rent a firearm with ammunition for $40 per hunter.)
  • Professional meat processing—for example, vacuum sealing, sausages, etc.
  • Shipping services
  • Taxidermy

What to Bring

  • 40-quart cooler or larger (if transporting meat)
  • Ice—two standard-size bags (if transporting meat)
  • Drinking water
  • Bug repellant
  • Weapons (if you are not using any of ours)
  • Ammunition (if using a firearm)

What to Wear

  • Pants such as jeans
  • Comfortable shirt
  • Closed-toe shoes with a back strap or boots
  • Camouflage is not necessary.

The Day of Your Experience

  • Read your booking confirmation email carefully and follow any special directions provided.
  • All guests are required to sign a standard hunting waiver upon arrival.
  • Hunt occurs rain or shine, with the exception of severe weather.
  • Please leave rude behavior at home. If any of our staff feels you are disruptive or disrespectful, you will be asked to leave.
  • No alcohol of any kind is allowed to be consumed on or prior to your hunt. If you are unable to come sober, please don’t come.

Sighting In

  • You may sight in your weapon at the hunting meeting location.

After Your Experience

  • Your guide will transport your alligator to Florida Trophy Gators inc. shortly after your hunt.
  • Florida Trophy Gators inc. will perform basic skinning of your alligator.
  • Alligators are cold-blooded and require several hours of cooling time before skinning. Your head, hide, and meat are usually ready for pickup the following day.
  • If you’re in a hurry, Florida Trophy Gators inc. has a variety of trade-in programs for alligator meat and hides.
  • Florida Trophy Gators Inc. provides free taxidermy preparation for hunters using their taxidermy service. If you use a taxidermist other than Florida Trophy Gators inc., they can still provide taxidermy preparation for additional costs.
  • Please call Trophy Gators inc. directly at 863-763-3688 if you have questions regarding professional processing, shipping, and taxidermy.
  • To prevent your meat from spoiling, you must arrive at your hunt with a cooler and ice.
  • We recommend a 40-quart cooler and two bags of ice.
  • Never put meat in a plastic bag or leave it in a hot car.
  • If you would like your meat packaged pretty like what you would find in a grocery store, visit our butchers page for an extensive list of butchers who offer professional meat processing.
  • Meat not taken will be donated to local food programs.

Guarantee Policy

  • We guarantee each hunter will have the opportunity to hunt an alligator in the size-range they reserve.
  • Our hunter rate includes the harvest of one alligator in the size-range reserved.
  • Our guarantee policy does not apply to poor shots. Your guide will assist as needed but cannot pull the trigger for you—it’s called hunting, not killing for a reason.
  • Our guarantee policy does not apply to wounded game. Your guide will make every attempt to retrieve an animal that was shot at and wounded.
  • Our Guarantee policy does not apply to picky hunters who continue to pass on animals they have an opportunity of harvesting because it is not the specific size, sex, color, etc., they want.

Arrival Time

  • We recommend arriving no more than 15 minutes early.
  • Usually, your experience will begin shortly after your arrival time, but things may come up due to the nature of outdoor experiences.
  • We ask that you remain patient, and we will start your experience as soon as possible.

Tipping Your Guide

  • Gratuities are not included in our pricing.
  • Tipping your guide for work well done is encouraged and appreciated.
  • The standard gratuity is 20% of the price of the experience provided.

Paying Your Balance

  • Your balance is due in cash.
  • The travel industry’s chargeback rate is more than twice the average of other industries because the services provided are intangible.
  • To prevent chargeback fraud, we ask that you pay your balance in cash.
  • At this time, we only accept credit card payments at our Venus location.
  • There is a 3% surcharge if paying with a credit card at Venus.
  • We do not accept personal checks, cashier checks, or money orders.

Changes or Cancellations

If you wish to change or cancel your booking, you must notify us by calling 863-866-7667 at least 24 hours before your experience.

Reservation deposits are non-refundable.

Canceling Your Experience

  • If you need to cancel your experience, You may reschedule within one year of the original reservation date.

Canceling Guests in Your Party

  • If one or more guests in your party cancel, you CANNOT apply the canceled guest’s reservation deposit towards the balance due for your experience.
  • You can find another guest to take their place, or you may reschedule the canceled experience within one year of the original reservation date.
  • We treat every guest in your party as an individual experience.
  • When you cancel a guest, you are canceling an experience, and our cancellation policy still applies, regardless of who paid the deposit—no exceptions.

Adding Guests to Your Party

  • If time and space allow, we are happy to accommodate additional guests.
  • Every guest in your party must be reserved prior to arrival.

Upgrading Your Experience

  • If you would like to “upgrade” your experience, for example, switching from a hog hunt to an alligator hunt or a non-hunter to a hunter, please call us.
  • Changes are made at our discretion and based on availability.

Downgrading Your Experience

  • We do not allow experience “downgrades.”
  • Switching from an alligator hunt to a hog hunt or a hunter to a non-hunter is considered a cancellation.
  • You will need to cancel your initial experience and book a new one.

For full details please read our terms and conditions.