Y’all ain’t gotta worry ’bout watchin’ the clock on your hunt, no siree! You’ll have all the time you need to bag yourselves a gator. Now, reckon when we say your hunt’s done, it’s when every hunter in your bunch has bagged their own gator.

But, ya see, how long your hunt takes can vary a heap, dependin’ on a mess of things like the size of them gators, what kinda weapons you’re totin’, how you like to hunt, and how many of y’all are in the party. On average, most folks wrap up their gator hunt in ’bout two to four hours.

Now, here’s a little somethin’ extra for ya: Some folks like to spice things up by mixin’ in a wild boar hunt along with their gator hunt. So, you can really make a day of it if you fancy!