Now, listen up and don’t go gettin’ all jittery ’bout hurtin’ them dogs when you’re out huntin’. Your trusty guide’s gonna take care of things so you can shoot without a worry and keep them dogs safe as a chicken in a coop.

Your guide’s got eagle eyes, you see. They ain’t gonna set you up for a shot unless it’s as clear as a crystal creek on a summer day. Ain’t no sense in sendin’ bullets flyin’ if it’s gonna put them dogs in harm’s way. We’re all ’bout huntin’ smart, not reckless.

Now, I gotta shoot you straight here – there’s a rare chance that them dogs might get a scratch or worse in the heat of the hunt. And if that does happen, well, there might be a bit of reckonin’ in the financial department. But hold yer horses, ’cause it’s hardly ever come to that. And when it has, it’s usually ’cause someone ain’t been listenin’ to their guide.

So, don’t let them worries tie you up in knots. Your guide’s got your back, and them dogs, too. We’re all in this together, huntin’ for the thrill of it. Just remember, shoot clear, and let’s keep them dogs waggin’ their tails and sniffin’ out them hogs safe and sound.