Well, gather ’round y’all, ’cause I’m fixin’ to lay down some Florida property law knowledge for ya. ‘Round these parts, Florida’s what they call a “closed range” state, and let me tell ya, they take trespassin’ critters mighty serious.

Now, them huntin’ spots we’re talkin’ ’bout? They’re smack dab in the middle of workin’ cattle ranches, where cows roam free. Them Florida folks, they hold the property owners to a tight leash when it comes to them cattle roamin’ where they shouldn’t be.

So here’s the thing – them landowners, they could find themselves in a bit of a pickle if one of them cows decides to take a stroll down a public road. And that means you might come across some fences or gates here and there. It’s all about keepin’ them cattle on the straight and narrow, you see.

Now, don’t go thinkin’ these fences or gates are there to hold in them wild hogs. Nope, them critters are like slippery eels, and they ain’t fazed by no ordinary fence.

But let’s get real for a minute. If the idea of catchin’ a glimpse of wire fencin’ or rollin’ through a gate like you’re movin’ cattle ain’t your cup of sweet tea, well then, our kinda adventure might not be your flavor.