A free-range hunt, well, that means them critters ain’t penned up by no fancy human-made walls. They’re out there, doin’ their thing, wanderin’ wherever they please, like a breeze in the open field.

But now, lemme give ya the straight goods. If you’re out lookin’ for a piece of huntin’ land in these United States that’s as wide open as the prairie sky, well, you’re in for a wild goose chase ’cause, honey, that kinda place just ain’t real.

Y’see, every huntin’ patch, no matter how wild it might seem, got itself some sorta man-made barriers. It might be a park boundary, a neighbor’s fence, or somethin’ keepin’ ’em critters away from them public roads.

So, here’s the real question, the one you oughta be askin’ yourself: How big does that huntin’ patch need to be to tick the “free-range” box for you?

So, partner, next time you’re thinkin’ ’bout huntin’ free-range, just remember, it’s more about the spirit of the hunt than them fences. And as for them huntin’ spots without any barriers at all, well, that’s like searchin’ for a needle in a haystack. Best to set your sights on the hunt itself and let them fences be what they are – part of the landscape.