If you’re fixin’ to bring your trusty weapon along for the ride, well, you’re more than welcome to do so. We know how folks can get attached to their shootin’ irons, and we ain’t ones to stand in the way of that.

But now, let’s talk turkey. Sometimes them guns can be a bit like ornery mules – they might decide to give you a hard time when you need ’em most. And that’s where we come in. If your firearm’s actin’ up or you didn’t bring one for whatever reason, don’t you worry none. We’ve got a whole lot of loaner weapons ready and waitin’. Ain’t no need to fret – we’ll make sure you’re all set with a dependable piece for the huntin’ shindig.

We want you to have the best huntin’ experience, so we’re ready to back you up with firepower, whether it’s yours or one of our trusty loaners. So, whether you’re totin’ your own thunderstick or grabbin’ one of ours, rest assured we’ll make sure you’re all set for the huntin’ adventure ahead.