Oh, you bet your sweet tea you can hunt hogs during the day! But let me tell ya, it’s a bit like tryin’ to sneak up on Cousin Marie while she’s watchin’ her soap operas – it takes some doin’.

Hogs, see, they’re smarter than a fox in a hen house. They know when the sun’s blazin’, every critter with sense is restin’ in the shade. So, these hogs, they become nocturnal, especially in the hot months, which in Florida is ’bout as common as mosquitoes at a swamp. They’ll be loungin’ in muddy wallows or tucked away in some shady brush durin’ the day.

But don’t you go hangin’ up your huntin’ hat just yet. You can still find ’em out and about durin’ daylight, especially in the early mornin’ or late afternoon when the sun ain’t beatin’ down so fierce. That’s when they’ll be rootin’ around for food.

Here’s a couple of tips for day huntin’ hogs:

And remember, if you’re lookin’ for a hog huntin’ adventure that’s as excitin’ as a Saturday night at the racetrack, give us a ring at Ron’s Guide Service. We know all the best spots and tricks to help you bag a bruiser, daylight or not!