Now, let me break it down for y’all in plain and simple talk. Them wild hogs, well, they’re like a whirlwind of trouble when it comes to them net wire fences we use to keep cattle, deer, and goats in check.

See, them hogs, they don’t just give a gentle nudge to fences – no siree, they tear through ’em like a tornado through a trailer park. And here’s the kicker, they’re clever critters too – they figure out how to lift them fences right off the ground, like they’re openin’ up their own front door.

Wild hogs can jump over fences shorter than a three-foot tall stump – reckon they didn’t get the memo that pigs ain’t supposed to fly!

So, listen up, ’cause here’s the secret sauce to keepin’ them wild hogs outta your property: you gotta go heavy-duty. Chain link fences or them hog wires made of thick stuff – they’re the real deal. And don’t forget, you gotta bury that fence at least a foot down in the ground if you wanna stand a chance against them hogs diggin’ their way in. And if you’re lookin’ for an electrifyin’ solution, electric fencin’ might just do the trick.

So, when it comes to wild hogs, remember, they’re like a bull in a china shop when it comes to regular fences. You gotta bring out the big guns – the heavy-duty chains or the hog wires – if you wanna keep ’em out and protect your property.