On average, when we’re talkin’ ’bout hogs that end up on the huntin’ scoreboard, they tend to tip the scales between 90 to 175 pounds. That’s a whole heap of pork, I’ll tell ya that.

But now, if you’re lookin’ to sink your teeth into some top-notch eats, we’ve got a tip for ya. We’re talkin’ hogs in the 80 to 100-pound range – that’s the sweet spot for the best meat. It’s like choosin’ the juiciest slice of bacon right off the skillet.

See, when them hogs are in that range, you’re gettin’ meat that’s tender, tasty, and downright finger-lickin’. It’s like havin’ a good ol’ Southern barbecue right in the heart of the huntin’ grounds.

So, there ya have it, folks. The average hog sizes might swing from 90 to 175 pounds, but for the best meaty treat, keep your eyes peeled for them hogs in the 80 to 100-pound range. It’s all ’bout gettin’ that mouthwaterin’ meat that’ll have you hollerin’ for seconds.