How long will my hog hunt last?

Well, partner, you’ll have all the time you darn well need to wrap up your hog hunt. Your hunt’s done when every shooter in your

Are these alligators wild?

Well now, let me spin you a yarn ’bout them gators we got ’round here. These ain’t your run-of-the-mill, put-on-a-show kinda gators. Nope, partner, these

What if I shoot a dog?

Now, listen up and don’t go gettin’ all jittery ’bout hurtin’ them dogs when you’re out huntin’. Your trusty guide’s gonna take care of things

Can I hog hunt without dogs?

If you’re lookin’ to up your chances of nabbin’ them wild boars, bringin’ along some trusty ol’ hound dogs is the way to go. It’s